A blast of care for your lips this fall. Our elderberry based Balm offers a little pop of minty tingle and tons of protection and nourishing goodness for your lips. This goes on clear and soft. Remember, natural balms can melt at temps over 100 degrees.  Don't leave these balms in hot cars or  in direct sunlight.Ingredients:bees waxcoconut oilmango buttercaster oilvitamin Epeppermint essential oilrosemary essential oilphytocide elderberry os (a natural and non gmo preservative)

Elderberry Peppermint Lip Love Balm 2 pack

SKU: Eldlip20
  • bees wax

    cocoa butter

    coconut oil

    emu oil

    caster oil

    vitamin E

    peppermint essential oil

    rosemary essential oil

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