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Lip Love Lip Balm

Our Lip Balm is close to our heart because this is where it all started. My husband and mother used a ton of product for chapped lips. They applied the brand name lip balm many times a day and I started to wonder... what were they putting right there next to their mouth? How much of this goes in their mouth each day? Is this good for them? Can I make it naturally and for less money? Turns out... YES we can. And YES we did. 

Soon friends and family were trying it and loving it and it escalated from there. 

We currently have 3 types for you to try. 

OG Original - This is the one that matches all of the brand name basic lip balms. It's all natural, goes on clear and has that peppermint tingle that people love.

Peppermint Elderberry - This was the first variation of the OG Lip Love Balm. It's all all natural and uses an Elderberry preservative that makes some people really want in their balm. It has a bit if a hue, but goes on totally clear and also has that famous peppermint tingle.

Peppermint Lemon Drop - this is all natural and was developed because I really wanted a tinted balm that was all natural. This Lip Love Lip Balm is tinted with Beet Root Powder which is a very natural and very light tint of color for your lips. It's a light enough tint that if you miss your lips when you apply it, you won't look silly, but you can leave the house looking good with a touch of color on your lips.  

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