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How did our products get started?

We had a few family members who were "addicted" to a name brand lip balm. They applies this lip balm several times per day and we started to wonder.... what exactly are they putting on their lips this often? How much are they swallowing? This can't be good. So after some research and a lot of trial and error, we came up with our Lip Love balm. We couldn't be happier. Eventually, friends and other family members got a hold of Lip Love and THEY loved it and it got bigger and bigger until it became a thing. That Lip Love thing became several skin care things, live natural and organic bug repellent and shampoo bars (to reduce packaging) and our little business was born. 

Why are we called Heading Home Farms?


Our name happened because we are always happiest when we are heading home. Visiting family, work,  shopping... it's all great. BUT heading home to the farm is the best feeling. That's how our name developed. 

Are the products natural or organic or both? 

Each one is a mix. The details are in the descriptions. For example, many soaps can not be classified as true organic because of the saponification process. Also, some of our products contain fragrance that isn't organic (we list that too) because many of our customers wanted a stronger scent than essential oils can supply by themselves. 

We always do our best to eliminate anything that is necessary to achieve natural or organic status. 


Our little slice of heaven is a 5 acre farm in Western New York. We raise flowers more than animals because the flowers and botanicals help in our products and we can control the organic levels. We use no pesticides or chemicals in our home grown botanicals.

We dedicate our snap pees to our grandfather. We love you Papa!

We typically grow roses, mint, lavender, dandelions (yes on purpose : ) and many other necessary items. 



David N

Customer Review

“I love the way they smell.”


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