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The products you will find on our site

are products that we initially started out making just for ourselves. We want our lives to be as close to nature as is possible with everything we do and that includes what we put on our skin.

Friends and then friends of friends got a hold of the products and wanted more. This is how our business started.

That magical feeling of heading home at the end of a long day... we put a bit of that magic in everything we make.

Our creamy and dreamy hand crafted products are each designed to show you how natural products can make a difference. Even our bug repellent leaves your skin softer because it's made with gentle oils. 

A bit more about us. This site is set up so you can learn about each ingredient that we use and also learn the origin of each batch or lot of ingredients that we use when it is available. Our ingredients are clickable and clicking takes you to a detail page of that ingredient, its origin and lot numbers. We use organic and natural products in every  thing that we can. The biggest exceptions is fragrance oils because so many of our clients love the scents and soap because soap is made with lye and other items that can't truly be classified as natural or organic. Yes, we can and do often offer detergent free and natural soaps, but it's not the majority of the soaps we sell. When it's possible and sensible, we recycle packaging. This means we reuse shipping materials and packages when it's possible to know that they are clean and/or sterile. Some things can not be in cardboard packaging yet. The biodegradable packages for lip balms and lotions absorb oils and disintegrate. Not wrapping some lotions and oils in plastic leads to shipping issues. We continue to research and try better green options each day. 


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