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Welcome to Heading Home Farms
We waited our whole lives to be able to afford a small plot of land in the country. 

We finally did it. We were city slickers and were tied to everything that the hectic city life entails.

Now in the quiet of each night we can look up at the stars and around our little slice of heaven and be thankful for what we have waited so long to have.

We are moving day by day into the natural lifestyle of homesteading. 

I don't think we'll ever be off-grid. I love technology too much for that! But we will continue our move to self-sufficient and healthy country living,

This site will allow us to share our stories with anyone who may be looking toward that same lifestyle.

This site will also serve as a place for us to sell our products to those of you who have consistantly told us how much you love them and to those of you who want to try something new.